The core activities of pjsc kyiv radio plant


The core businesses of the enterprise are:


  1. Specialized industry and production:
    • design and manufacturing of electronic equipment parts for aerospace engineering, consumer goods, industrial and technical products;
      production of elevators and lifting equipment;
    • products for defence industry complex (left tanker for scout vehicles, right tanker armoured vehicles, sliding shoes, 900 MHz directional aerial, scroll rolls, gears, servicing of reduction drives);
    • metal fireproof doors with interphone system;
    • Hand carts: platform carriages, hand trucks, tool carts;
    • metal boxes for instruments;
    • metal cabinets (for clothes, archives, stationery, shelving, etc.);
    • metal elements of garbage pipes;
    • equipment for telecommunications installations (devices for hermetic entry of cables, feeder attachments etc.);
    • wiring products for manufacturing of instruments and communication equipment;
    • turning and milling parts;
    • pharmaceutical production (screws, sprockets, gears, shafts);
    • parts for probes, tips, connectors, coils;
    • the launch of specialized domestic and imported equipment, its adaptation to existing technologies and materials, carrying out warranty and post-warranty maintenance of equipment;
    • participation, organization and running of sales-exhibitions, auctions and shops to promote the company’s products on the domestic and foreign markets.


  2. Construction and repair:
    • execution of own and contract capital constructions works;
    • execution of repair and construction works, including share based;
    • execution of installation and start-up works, maintenance and repair of engineering networks and equipment.


  3. Provision of services:
    • provision of maintenance, household and other services for private individuals and legal entities;
    • water supply and drainage services;
    • rent out warehouse, production and office premises;
    • provision of transport services for legal entities and private individuals in Ukraine and abroad, purchase, repair, restoration, realization and service of motor vehicles;
    • provision of information services on domestic and foreign markets for legal entities and private individuals, who want to acquire technologies, materials, equipment, components, raw materials, other products and services;
    • provision of expert-consulting, marketing, informational, advertising and other services in the field of design technology and products manufacturing, as well as utilization of these products and technologies by domestic and foreign companies and organizations.


  4. Business activities:
    • creation of own wholesale and retail trade network in Ukraine and abroad;
    • retail and wholesale of industrial and technical products, motor transport and consumer goods of own production through our own retail network in Ukraine and abroad;
    • procurement of industrial and technical products, motor transport and consumer goods from Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers and its sale through our own trading network;
    • business activities: merchandise turnover, purchase and sale of goods (including commission sales);


  5.  Science:
    • Research & development of new technologies, materials and equipment, their implementation into production;
    • development of scientific and technical documentation;
    • organization of researches, carrying out scientific, experimental design and inventive works in all branches of the state economy;
    • development, implementation into production and maintenance of scientific and technical products;
    • development of new projects, samples, models of consumer goods;
    • development and application of resource-saving and eco-technologies.


  6. Foreign economic activity:
    • the Enterprise is engaged in foreign trade in accordance with the current Ukrainian legislation;
    • the enterprise spends the foreign currency funds in accordance with the currency legislation of Ukraine;
    • holding negotiations with foreign economic entities on production and operation of space systems and technologies, conclusion of sales-purchase contracts with regard to sales of space technologies.


You can find out more about our business activities, variety of manufactured products and services in the division SCBU Activities