Kyiv Radio Plant at Paris – Le Bourget Air Show 2019

Kyiv Radio Plant at Paris – Le Bourget Air Show 2019

A delegation of Kyiv Radio Plant took part in 53rd International Paris – Le Bourget Air Show that was held in the French capital on June 17-23, 2019. Our experts together with YUZHMASH and Space Initiatives Center NGO presented an innovative project of an airdropped launch vehicle, which mock-up model was displayed at the stand.

An airdropped system uses a ZENIT-1NL light rocket from the ZENIT rocket family. Its lift-off weight would be 14,5 tons, and payload to sun-synchronous orbits and low-earth, near-equatorial orbits would be up to 100 and 220 kilos respectively. This rocket is intended for deployment of nano- and micro- satellites in any orbit. Other than relatively low payload launch costs, its core advantages are short ready-to-launch time, and that payload installation is performed in close proximity to a customer.

The system is being developed in wide cooperation of Ukrainian space companies, i.e. YUZHMASH, Antonov, Kyiv Radio Plant, Kyiv Polytechnic University. Kyiv Radio plant is responsible for developing a control system, as well as for coordinating efforts on developing key ground systems.

This project has been included in a draft of The State Scientific and Technical Space Program of Ukraine for 2019-2023, and for the current year, it is to be funded from non-budgetary sources.

Kyiv Radio Plant at Paris - Le Bourget Air Show