Genesis of the enterprise

The Enterprise was established in accordance with the order No. 170 of the National Space Agency of Ukraine on August 07, 2003, through transformation of the state enterprise Kyiv Radio Plant into an open joint-stock company in compliance with the order envisaged by the Decree of the President of Ukraine dated June 15, 1993 No. 210 “On the Enterprise Corporatization” and further renamed into the Public Joint-Stock company in accordance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On Joint Stock Companies” dated 17.09.2008. No. 514-VI (with amendments and additions).

The roots of Kyiv Radio Plant date back to 1953, when following the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of USSR, it emerged of the electromechanical railway workshops, functioning since 1934. Primarily these workshops were engaged in production of railway equipment: springs, lanterns, and semaphores. First these workshops turned into manufactories and then, in 1953, amalgamated into the enterprise.

During the first years after formation, the enterprise was producing radar equipment. Since 1958-1991, the production orientation has dramatically changed and the enterprise started developing of fundamentally new technologies: aircraft complex control systems, using high technologies based on computing, microelectronics, and precision mechanics.

Along with these products, the enterprise produced industrial gas meters, strain gauges, spectral analyzers, industrial products, automatic machines for galvanic production, automatic lines for microelectronic production.

At the same time, the enterprise has developed production of consumer goods, such as 20 models of Slavutich TV-sets (from black and white image televisors to semiconductor integrated-modular color image TV-sets).

1958-1990 was the period of prosperity, the enterprise was one of the leading enterprises in the Soviet Union.

1991-1995 was the period of the military-industrial complex termination, when the enterprise was operating in the conditions of general crisis in Ukraine. Total losses of the enterprise caused by the negative external factors during this period are estimated at 160 million UAH.

Enterprise was first restructured in 1996. According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated May 29, 1996 No. 599, the state enterprise Production Association Kyiv Radio Plant was established by menace of dividing its integral property complex in order to create 19 new enterprises on its basis, among them the first on the list was a State Company Kyiv Radio Plant.

1997- February 2000 was the period when in accordance with the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated September 8, 1997 №987 the State Joint-Stock Holding Company Kyiv Radio Plant was organized on the basis of the Kyiv Radio Plant. February 2000 gave start to further restructuring plan and a new story of State Company Kyiv Radio Plant began. According to the NSAU Order dated January 24, 2000, No. 9, State Company Kyiv Radio Plant was re-established as a legal entity, demerged from the Holding Company and became direct subordinate to the NSAU (Certificate of Registration No. 03507 dated February 18, 2000), and The Open Joint-Stock Company Kyiv Radio Plant was founded in August 2003 and renamed into a Public Joint-Stock Company in accordance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On Joint Stock Companies” No. 514-IV dated September 17, 2008 (with amendments and supplements).

Publishing House “Worldview” put out a book “Darnitsa: years, events, people”.

A large section of this publication is dedicated to the Kyiv Radio Plant, which we are offering for your kid perusal:


Authors: B.E. Vasilenko, N.P. Kulchitskyi, N.K. Storozhuk

  • Introduction
  • Beginning
  • Formation of the plant
  • New Horizons. The Team
  • Heroic and unforgettable years
  • With people and for people
  • Appendixes
      • Appendix 1. Elective bodies
      • Appendix 2. Rewards of the Motherland
      • Appendix 3. Honoured veterans of labour
      • Appendix 4. They were the first
      • Appendix 5. The foremen
      • Appendix 6. The winners

We also offer to read the book “Dmitriy Gavrilovich Topchiy, the story of the Director General”.

Museum Complex

You are always welcomed to visit our museum, where you can closely get acquainted with the Kyiv Radio Plant, its history and team. Museum is located on the central square of the plant. This square has witnessed many significant events throughout the heroic life of the enterprise: it was visited by state leaders and astronauts, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, pioneers and Komsomol members, thousands of rallies were gathered on its tiles in order to celebrate state holidays and honour the selfless work of employees. The museum is often visited by veterans of the plant, schoolchildren and teachers, youth and television, workers of the space industry of Ukraine.

The aim of the museum is to broadly exhibit the fragments of the plant’s history. Established in 1953, the enterprise used to be of national importance and during several decades has functioned as the largest industrial and technical complex for the development and manufacturing of complex radar systems, control systems and radio systems for rocket and space equipment, through implementing the latest technologies, microelectronics and precision mechanics.
Kyiv Radio Plant Museum was opened in 1983 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the plant’s set up. The museum offers you to thumb the old files of plant newspaper “On Duty”, see the photo albums, which keep the memories of all those, who were awarded, listed on the Plant’s Boards of Honour or in the Book of Labour Glory. All of them are so close and familiar. The newspaper was published since 1956. Tons of exciting information! All spectra of employees’ life are presented on these small sheets of paper. These two sources of information – newspapers and photos – must be kept forever. The past must always be studies, whatever it may be, in order to know how to build the future. This is often sad but, unfortunately, not always done.

The plant didn’t have any old traditions, which could have being developed throughout the long history of its existence; so the traditions were to be laid and developed. Consequently the young team was able to create its own, in the best sense of the word, glorious traditions. All these are kneely felt while staying in the small halls of the museum, thumbing the newspapers, photo albums and books.

With hindsight into the years of work, we can say that the main period of development, establishment and outstanding achievements of the Kyiv Radio Plant are related to the work within the Ministry of General Mechanical Engineering of the USSR. At that time the Ministry was considered to be quite small, consisting of only 130 enterprises of various activities, but it was skilfully managed by the talented Ministers. We ought to recall them by name.

Kyiv Radio Plant was lucky to be headed by Dmitry Gavrilovich Topchiy for more than twenty-five years.

The museum stands offer its visitors the actual samples of plant’s products: mechanical, instrumental, microelectronic, printed circuit boards, assembly tools, as well as advanced technological processes, progressive equipment, map of products supplies within the country and abroad.

The stands also exhibit the works of design bureau and engineering services: scientific and technical creative works and the samples of new technologies, conversion programs.

Besides, the museum halls demonstrate the works of numerous teams, achievements of specialists in different production fields, social programs, mass sports movement, the participation of the employees in the Great Patriotic War, in military operations and the post-war production. Also you can find the list of the honoured people of the plant – Heroes of Socialist Labour, Laureates of the Lenin and State Prizes, awarded with orders and medals, foremost workers.

Every section of the museum is dedicated to certain persons, their role in the formation and development of the team of the Plant.

You can read more about the history of the Kyiv Radio Plant following this link.