About the enterprise

Private Joint-Stock Company Kyiv Radio Plant was established as a result of reorganization of the production association Kyiv Radio Plant. The creation and evolvement of the company dates back to 1953.

The following joint stock companies are the closest industrial and technical partners of PrJSC Kyiv Radio Plant: Scientific-Production Complex Kurs, PJSC ELIMIZ, PJSC HARTRON, State Enterprise Dniprovskyi Design Institute, State Enterprise Design Bureau Pivdenne after M.K. Yangel and others.

As of today, the enterprise consists of a Management Company and 6 units, engaged in the production of finished products and the provision of industrial and non-industrial services.

       These are: Unincorporated Standalone Commercial Business Units (SCBU) of PrJSC Kyiv Radio Plant:

  1. SCBU Spetsshtamp
  2. SCBU Mechanic
  3. SCBU Spetstochmekhanika
  4. SCBU Complex TechService
  5. SCBU Special Design Bureau
  6. SCBU Hotel-Complex